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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. has released his own debut solo album "Yours to Keep."

    • Many of the band's songs are included as background music on VH1's All Access specials.

    • The band has performed on Saturday Night Live twice: once on January 19, 2002: with host Jack Black, they performed "Last Nite", and "Hard to Explain" and on January 21, 2006: with host Peter Sarsgaard, they performed "Juicebox", and "You Only Live Once".

    • The band's song "New York City Cops" caused controversy in the US, and was replaced on the US pressings of the album, because, the lyric "New York City Cops, they ain't too smart," controversial following the September 11 attacks.

    • In early 2001, the band released an EP entitled "The Modern Age"

    • The band's song "Someday" was featured in the movie "Click" with Adam Sandler.

    • In 2003, the band released a b-side on their "Reptilia" single called "Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men" featuring Regina Spektor.

    • Lead singer Julian Casablancas met guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., in Institut Le Rosey, a boarding school in Switzerland.

    • Lead singer Julian Casablancas has known bass player Nikolai Fraiture since kindergarten.

    • "First Impressions of Earth" is the first Strokes album to get a Parental Advisory sticker.

    • "First Impressions of Earth" tracklisting:

      1."You Only Live Once"
      3."Heart in a Cage"
      5."On the Other Side"
      6."Vision of Division"
      7."Ask Me Anything"
      9."Killing Lies"
      10."Fear of Sleep'
      11."15 Minutes"
      12."Ize of the World"
      13."Evening Sun"
      14."Red Light"

    • "Room On Fire" tracklisting:

      1."What Ever Happened?"
      3."Automatic Stop"
      5."You Talk Way Too Much"
      6."Between Love & Hate"
      7."Meet Me In The Bathroom"
      8."Under Control"
      9."The Way It Is"
      10."The End Has No End"
      11."I Can't Win"

    • "Is This It" tracklisting:

      1."Is This It"
      2."The Modern Age"
      4."Barely Legal"
      6."Alone, Together"
      7."Last Nite"
      8."Hard to Explain"
      9."New York City Cops" ("When It Started" on US edition)
      10."Trying Your Luck"
      11."Take It or Leave It"

    • Comedian/actor David Cross has long been friends with The Strokes, and makes an appearance in their video for "Juicebox" as an obnoxious radio DJ not unlike the type he mocks in his comedy routine.

    • Videos include:
      'Last Nite,' 'Hard To Explain,' 'Someday,' '12:51,' 'The End Has No End,' 'Reptilia,' 'Juicebox,' 'You Only Live Once,' and 'Heart In A Cage.'

  • Quotes

  • The Strokes are the best band!

    I love The Strokes. They are my personal favorite band and I think they're the absolute best! All of the guys are very talented and they really work hard at what they do.

    I became a Strokes fan back when they performed on Mad TV back in 2002. They were performing their popular song "Is This It" and I enjoyed the song. I looked them up on the internet to find out more about them and listen to more of their songs. From that point on, I was a Strokes fan.

    My personal favorite member would be Niko, mainly because he inspired me to play bass.moreless