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  • The Used has it all: great music, great lyrics, great members. The instant you listen to one of their songs, you'll fall in love with the band.

    The uniqueness about The Used is that they are able to capture the feeling that they intended into their songs. Their lyrics are full of intrigues, having a deep meaning, and a single word may define the direction of the lyric's track. They also make their music videos the same way they make their lyrics: they are able to capture the sould and feelings of what they intend, and many times pass feelings into the listener, feeling what the protagonist of each songs feels at the time. Their newest video, I Caught Fire, is an example of their greatness. This is a great band that has captured the spirits of many, but they are sadly sometimes forgotten due to the 12-year-old theory
  • The used Is the best band ever!

    I personaly think that the used should get more credit on what they do. Such as their Kick ass new video \"I Caught Fire\" I mean this song is a great song, and it was barely on the charts! MCR got all the attention for their song \"Ghost Of YOU\", i am a MCR fan, but i think that the used has more talent than alot of those other bands out there. Their Lyrics are also what makes them so great... i think that everyone should go out there and buy their albums and support them more than they already are. By the way their current albums are:

    THE USED (self titled)
    In love and death
    Maybe Memories (DVD)
  • Wow Im the first one to say something about them well least see where should I start I guess here ........

    My boyfriend who is now my ex but hes one of my best guy friends is the one who told me about the used and seens at the time I was his girlfriend he told me about all this music and "stuff" he loved this band and wanted me to too . So he made me a copy of there cds because he has all them and I listened to them && they are the 2nd most auhsomest band in the whole ----world ! I love song I caught fire and the taste ink! and I think its really cool that the song the taste of ink is about the band but yeah their Toally awsome !