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    • Branden: I don't think we could have written the first album again because we're all such different people now. Before, we were just writing alone in our house and we were hungry and we were trying to work jobs and we couldn't afford drum sticks and strings. Those things were easier to come by this time, but we had new challenges and new pressures weighing upon us.

    • Branden: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We enjoyed working with Feldmann so much the first time, plus he knows each of us so well as people. He watched us grow from being kids from nowhere who knew nothing to the musicians we are today. It seemed very necessary to do the album with him again. He complements us really well.

    • Jeph: We all knew that the final product we created together last time was totally sick. And we were confident this time that none of us would stop until we were all happy with the results. We all got what we wanted and I think we impressed each other even though we'd butt heads. Everyone was really pushing themselves and trying new things.

    • Branden: The life we lead - living out of duffle bags and waking up in a different city every day - naturally creates that feeling of movement and momentum you hear in the music.

    • Bert: I've learned a lot about living in the moment, because that's what you have on tour. Everyone has moments they remember and cherish, and those moments make like worth living. I've been thinking so much about death and love these past few months, and I'm just beginning to realize that it all just exists right now in this moment. This is all we have right now.

    • Bert: Sometimes things just seem out of my control, but they really never are. That's what "Take It Away" is about. I just need to take small steps every day.

    • Bert: A lot of s*** will continue to happen. There will always be trials and tribulations. But I have to realize that every mistake I make is part of me. And the only way a mistake is going to remain a mistake is if I don't learn something from it. I try to turn the experience into a positive thing.

    • Quinn: (on Bert)[He is] a chemical mixture of Mick Jagger and a werewolf.

    • Bert: Night time is just so much more dangerous and aggressive and mysterious.

    • Bert: Something very big is about to happen. I feel it. I've always felt it.