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The Veronicas

The Veronicas


12/25/1984, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Birth Name

Lisa Marie and Jessica Louise Origliasso


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The Veronicas are an Australian singing duo made up of 22 year old identical twins, Jessica Louise Origliasso & Lisa Marie Origliasso. They released their debut album, The Secret Life Of... February 14th, 2006. They have also have made guest appearances on shows like Rove [Live].


Trivia and Quotes

  • The Veronicas ROCK!

    They are so good and pretty! I love thier songs!! These two should be bigger stars, I mean come on they are super talented rocker chicks!! They were good on The Suite Life Goes Hollywood, maybe they should have thier own show, haha that would be cool!! But yeah, The Veronicas ROCK!!
  • I love their music!

    The Veronicas are amazing! I love their songs, and their lovely voices.

    I love how they sing songs that I can completely relate to. It is always awesome finding a song that describes exactly what's inside of me. It's like the writer of the song can see right through me.

    One song I definitely relate to is "Leave Me Alone." I have an ex-boyfriend who is doing everything The Veronicas described in the song. He pushes me around sometimes, tries to control me, and always tries to make me feel bad. I'm over him, but it's hard to stay over him when he keeps coming after me.

    I am very glad I found out about this pop duo. These girls are awesome! I hope they release more good music.moreless