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The Wreckers

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This band was created in 2004, when famous solo artist Michelle Branch took a break from her successful solo career. She joined with her long time friend and background singer Jessica Harp for a new project, called "The Wreckers". Harp brings in her full voice along with her…more


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    • Michelle Branch: Jessica and I have talked about how the Wreckers are like my chance to start over at a new school, but it's special for both of us. We're in it together.

    • (about joining The Wreckers)
      Jessica Harp: I get to sing with my best friend, what could be better than that?

    • (why she joined The Wreckers)
      Michelle Branch: Toward the end of my last solo tour I was trying to figure out what else I might want to do, so I started thinking about making the organic singer/songwriter country type of record I'd always wanted to do.

    • (about Jessica Harp)
      Michelle Branch: She will toast a plain bagel and she puts peanut butter and jelly and Cheetos, and she eats it!

    • Jessica Harp: To see our hard work in getting this project off the ground result in my first #1 as an artist could not be more meaningful.

    • (about their first single)
      Jessica Harp: It's an amazing feeling to have our debut single go number one, especially getting to share it with my dear friend.

    • (about the success of their first single):
      Jessica Harp: The stars have aligned, and it feels good to be a Wrecker.

    • (about their album Stand Still, Look Pretty)
      Michelle Branch: I've learned so much in the year and a half Jess and I have ben trying to get this record off the ground. We had many moments of doubt, but in the end we still stuck to our guns. I can finally say that I have made an album without compromising anything. And as much as this was a pain in the ass... it was so worth it.

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