Thea Gill

Thea Gill


4/5/1970, Vancouver, British Colmbia

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Thea Louise Gill


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    • Thea: (on her love scenes with Michelle Clunie) Yeah, We have a closed set when we are working on something like that. There are all these sort of, you know…you work with the sheets and so on. I must admit, that scene on the couch, it's about as real as you can get. You're doing every thing that you would do. You have to kind of go there. It's not like you can fake it anyway. You can tell if actors are faking.

    • Thea: (on preparing for her role on Dante's Cove) Yeah, and I studied…I have a witchcraft book some friends gave me and I kind of read through all the different forms of witchcraft. You know, a lot of the time you're making stuff up in your head that somehow will work with the text.

    • Thea: (on Queer as Folk not getting any award nominations in the US) You know, a lot of different interpretations of that—some people say it's because it was filmed in Canada. But a lot of shows that are filmed in Canada get nominated. Some say it was the gay material, some people said it just wasn't good enough. I don't know. We just didn't get in there. It's unfortunate. I think it would have been nice to have been acknowledged at least once, to have at least been nominated for something. It is a show that kind of did change the face of American television, there's no denying that. So it would have been nice to have at least been acknowledged for that.

    • Thea: (on life after Queer as Folk) After you've done a show that has had so much acclaim for a while, a year after that you're really struggling not to become a has-been. You're always scared that you're never gonna get something like that again.

    • Thea: (how Queer as Folk helped her be more comfortable with her sexuality) I had to bare all, and I had to believe in me and my body and my t*ts and my *ss and rubbing up against Michelle and, you know, being all crazy and sexy, and through all that I started going 'Hey yeah, this is pretty fun.' I became a late bloomer.

    • Thea: (on playing a lesbian) Personally, I don't see it as very much of a stretch for me. I really don't! A lot of people interpret this as bisexuality, and it could be. On a human and an emotional level, I find that the line is very thin between gay and straight and bisexual. To me it's all love.

    • Thea: (on Queer as Folk ending) It was pretty devastating…for each of us in different ways. It took me about a year or so for me to readjust to life without Queer as Folk. It became a close knit group and we lived together in the city of Toronto for five years, so we had most of us to rely upon. And now, I'm back home—it's different to be back home. It's how you steer your career again and how you go back on auditions. It's such a bizarre thing—you're on this hit show for five years and you think you're on top of the world, and then suddenly you're back at square one again.