Thea Rose





9/20/1996 , Indianapolis, IN

Birth Name

Thea Rose Holt-Goddard




Thea is the daughter of an actress and a financial trader who never married. She is granddaughter to world renowned nuclear physicist Roy J. Holt p.h.d., her mother's father. She was born in Indianapolis, but moved to Los Angeles with her mother shortly after her first birthday. Her mother later married the son of a prominent medical college dean in India. Thea attended wedding ceremonies and receptions in India and Nepal, where she was well received by her new family. Her step-father has a p.h.d. in electrical engineering from UCSB and attends UCLA/Anderson business school. Thea studies ballet, karate, hip-hop dance, singing, and acting when she is not attending academic classes. She also enjoys iceskating, drawing, writing song lyrics, and exploring East-Indian culture when time permits. Thea is muse to Los Angeles artist Joe Biel. Thea met the artist when she modeled for a set of portraits commissioned by her mother. Thea's image is likely to appear in the artist's upcoming projects. Thea's favorite director is Quentin Tarantino who hired her for her first film role, wrote her a letter once, and inspired her love of all things martial arts. On most weekdays, Thea can be seen proudly toting her "Kill Bill" lunchbox to school.