Thea Vidale

Thea Vidale


11/26/1956, Washington, D.C.

Birth Name

Thea Ramona Metoyer


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Trivia and Quotes

  • thea vidale has no talent the only reason i oculd give her props for is bringing thea to tv.

    she\\\'s not a great actor now she plays someone mother on wwe it shows she has no class her stand up is atrocious. shes not that funny and her jokes are offensive. i might sound a little harsh maybe she is different in person im praying to god she\\\'s different in purpose but her image on tv i dont agree with i believe she needs to find a new career. i feel kind of bad saying she has no class maybe she needs the money but if she doesnt then why would anyone play a role on a wrestling show when they absolutely know who role is fake i know wrestling is fake but please the wrestling audience isnt stupid enough to believe that please do not insult our intelligence by putting some crap like that up.moreless
  • Her WWE Character.

    Thea Vidale plays a great character on WWE. She is a very funny person. Personally, I think her best work is as Mama Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin has always been misused, but adding his mom will really help out his character and make him more known with the fans. Her loaded purse (loaded with a brick) is a great weapon for her. Plus there is some real chemistry between her and Viscera. At New Years Revolution, when they met at the buffet table, you just know that they will eventually become an item. I can definitely see an angle developing soon.moreless