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Thekla Reuten

Thekla Reuten


9/16/1975, Bussum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Birth Name

Thekla Simona Gelsomina Reuten


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Thekla Reuten is a Dutch actress who has received international acclaim in her young acting career. Among these recognized roles are in two Oscar-nominated films, Twin Sisters (De Tweeling) and Everybody's Famous. She has appeared in several TV, stage, and film projects in the Netherlands and in other…more


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    • Thekla: When you go home after a film, you realize that nothing has really changed. That helps you focus on what exists. I don't want to cut corners, but I'm open to what I may be offered.

    • Thekla: I'm a fan of real life. It nourishes me, so that I can build my roles.

    • Thekla: (on what she believes the Grail represents in "Highlander") I would have to conclude in our world it's happiness, peacefulness. Most of us look everywhere but in the right places… I believe we're slowly learning though.

    • Thekla: Making films is not as glamorous as people think... You always have to look fresh and ready to go, be able to adapt constantly and concentrate, despite the stress and the chaos all around you.

    • Thekla: For me, being passionate means believing in something, wanting to share it and, if necessary, being prepared to fight to defend it.

    • Thekla: (on how it was easy for her to penetrate Hollywood) That's not a complete myth, the exceptions prove the rule but it sure is a process. It's a crazy place, but also a very energized place. There's a lot of talent around and a many other factors that play a leading part sometimes.

    • Thekla: I slowly build a character. And when it is necessary I borrow emotions from my own life, from the past. That is a bit like prostitution, but it is the way it works.

    • Thekla: Believe me, I love aesthetics. And I can see that one person comes closer to the current aesthetic standards than the other. But I'm really annoyed by the inclination for model beauty, also outside my trade. Just because it is so terribly superficial and boring.

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