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Theron "Chico" Benymon

Theron "Chico" Benymon


Amityville, New York

Birth Name

Theron Benymon



Also Known As

Chico Benymon
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Theron \"Chico\" Benymon has definitely worked his way up to personal favorite status while co-starring in the hit \"Half & Half\". I know personally that there\'s so much more to this wonderful character than what we perceive on television.moreless

    I have been a dedicated fan of the sitcom \"Half & Half\" since the show first premiered in 2002. The cast of that show is one like no other. Five incredibly beautiful and talented people combined to create a truly successful, entertaining, and hopefully long-lasting series. I myself have had the great pleasure of meeting Chico personally while he was in my home town for a music video shoot, and I tell you he is absolutely the most gorgeous, charming, and down to earth person you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. The evening was truly heightened because of his special appearance and eagerness to have a great time with the guests. I can honestly say that television does not do this man justice at all. His whole demeanor from that genuine handsomeness he posses to his breathtaking physique is enough to place him at the top of anyones list. It was truly a most memorable encounter. He is without a doubt a celebrity who\'s truly down for his fans, and that is most appreciated. I wish him and the rest of the cast peace & blessings in their continuous success! I shall always remain a dedicated fan. And to Chico personally, best of luck with the album!! Baltimore welcomes you back anytime!!moreless