Thom Filicia





5/17/1969 , Syracuse, New York

Birth Name

Thomas L. Filicia Jr




Thom Filicia was born and raised in the Sedgwick Farm neighborhood in Syracuse, the youngest of three brothers. Thom inherited his love of design from his real estate agent mother, Janet, who would take him to see the properties she was selling, and his electrical engineer father, also named Thomas. Thom developed an interest in design and architecture at a young age, and by the time he was in the fifth grade he was taking art and drawing classes, before studying architecture in high school. He went on to attend Syracuse University’s School of Art and Design, where he studied interior design.

In his final year Thom was offered an internship at prestigious New York interior design company Parish Hadley Associates, and left Syracuse one or two science credits short of graduating. Thom worked at Parish Hadley for a year, before moving to another high-end company, Robert Metzger Interiors. He went on to become a senior designer with Jeffrey Bilhuber before opening his own interior design company, Thom Filicia Inc., in 1998. Thom Filicia.

In September 2002 Thom and his dog Paco were trapped in the elevator of his SoHo office building with a strange woman. They spent their hour of captivity talking, he about his business and she about her career as a talent manager. Once freed, she told him he would be perfect for a new TV show that was being developed. She was as good as her word, and a few months later Thom received a call about a makeover show. Confident about his design abilities, if not his on-camera skills, and hoping the show would be a good way to promote his company, Thom sent his press kit to Bravo and, after several auditions, was cast as the show's 'Design Doctor.'

In addition to the huge success of the show (which saw the 'Fab Five' become celebrities overnight, releasing their own book and CD soundtrack with DVD, and winning an Emmy Award, two GLAAD awards and a People's Choice award), Thom worked as spokesman for furniture and accessories chain Pier 1.

Thom continues his work with Thom Filicia Inc., and has completed design projects all over the world, including designing the United States Pavilion at the 2005 World's Fair in Aichi, Japan, and Jennifer Lopez's Lonh Island home.

Thom lives in New York City and shares his life with his Beagle/Italian Greyhound mix, Paco, and his publicist boyfriend, Greg Calejo.