Thomas Cavanagh

Thomas Cavanagh


10/26/1968, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Tom Cavanaugh, Thomas Cavanaugh, Tom Cavanagh
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Best known for his portrayal of bowling alley lawyer Ed Stevens in NBC's early 2000 dramedy Ed, Tom Cavanagh is a Canadian movie and television actor. Prior to his work on Ed, Tom appeared in several theatrical and movie productions in New York, Los Angeles, and in Canada.…more


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    • Tom: It would be embarrassing to say how seriously we take it, but anyone who is involved in beer-league hockey in Canada knows how important it can be. My father used to say 'hockey matters', and I would definitely agree with that.

    • Tom: (in having lived in Africa) It is a pretty great existence over there; I didn't know how to swear, they didn't have television or film--a really good existence, I would say.

    • Tom: I've done my fair share of embarrassing things to woo the girl, and with the same kind of results, I think -- with them hollering, "Get out of here, you punk! What are you doing in that fish outfit?"

    • Tom: (on doing "Ed") I feel very fortunate to come and do a show where the scripts are good , where the castmates are unbelievable and the crew is great. It couldn't be a better situation.

  • Surprisingly charming

    I was very surprised at how much I began to like him when I watched him on Scrubs for the first time, though I don't know why I was so surprised. They guy has a clear charm that shines on screen and brings this kind of humor that you are drawn to and fits right into the Scrubs family. He is a surprisingly charming guy as well, especially for a traditionally comedic actor. They sometimes don't come across as charming, wether they are or not. Two thumbs up for this guy, just sorry I never got to see him on Ed.moreless
  • Tom Cavanagh is by far the best actor in hollywood!!!

    Tom Cavanagh is an inspiration and a role model to me, and I believe that he doesn't get the recognition that he deserves. His role as Ed Stevens completely changed my life. His brilliant portrayal of this character showed me that if you want some and you try hard enough, anything can happen. Also, that you don't have to be Mr. Universe to get the girl. Tom will always be my favorite actor, and I would love to meet him someday.moreless