Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker


12/28/1987, Las Vegas, Nevada

Birth Name

Thomas Alexander Dekker



Also Known As

Thomas A. Dekker, Thomas Alexander Dekker
  • Thomas Dekker as Adam on The Secret Circle.
  • Thomas Dekker as Adam on The Secret Circle.
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Thomas Dekker was born December 28, 1987, in Las Vegas, Nevada, as Thomas Alexander Dekker. Thomas received a minor role in the TV series The Young and The Restless in 1973 at age six. He starred in guest roles in Seinfeld (1990), The Nanny (1993), Star Trek: Generations…more


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    • Thomas: (On how the crowd reacted to the "Terminator" cast at ComicCon) When we went to premiere Terminator there, I had my Heroes people, Lena had her 300 people, and Summer had her Firefly/Serenity people. So we've all got a strong backbone there, and those fans are very supportive.

    • Thomas: (About his relationship with "Terminator" co-star Summer Glau) She rocks, and she's an amazing actress. She's one of those people that makes you feel like you should be a better person, just because she is so good she makes you feel guilty. [Laughs] A lot of people have said that we have great chemistry and that just kind of happened. I read with her when I auditioned, because she was cast before I was. I think we have a great dynamic on screen and it's going to go all kinds of places. One of the things I'm looking forward to getting into is the question of whether a robot can be romantic or not.

    • Thomas: The only way I can really think to describe my music, is a kind of "electrofolk." Songs that have a traditional melodic and chord structure, often telling stories, but technically supported by electronica. I guess I'm trying to harness nature and technology in a symbiotic way.

    • Thomas: I was raised almost entirely on dramatic classical music like Chopin, Beethoven and Shostakovitch. It was my main focus when I started writing songs.

    • Thomas: I don't mind talking for three hours about something I'm proud of and adore. But if I had to talk about something I was embarrassed of, that would not be good.

    • Thomas: (About his show "Terminator") I'm really proud of it; more proud of it than anything else I've ever done at this point.

    • Thomas: (in an interview with "Starlog" magazine) I've done lots of science fiction and horror in the measly time I've been in this business. I love and respect the genre. Honestly, if I could only do SF, horror and occult projects for the rest of my life, I probably would.

    • Thomas: (About his relationship with "Terminator" co-stars Lena and Summer) I have to say, the three of us, including Lena, it's almost become bizarre how close we've become. I've been working for 14 years and I've never bonded with people I've worked with - people I could call friends. But we are just inseparable. We go out to eat together. We drive each other home. It's a crazy thing.

    • Thomas: (About leaving "Heroes" to join "Terminator") I was only supposed to be on Heroes for the first episode, and I never had a contract. Every episode I had after that... was a surprise. So I was auditioning the whole time I was on the show and I auditioned for Terminator. When I got it, I wanted it so badly. Of course, they weren't very happy when I got it. I had a three-hour phone call with Tim Kring sort of asking me not to go. But I respect so much the writers and the producers of Terminator and I feel a bond with [them]. I never felt a bond with a single person on Heroes and that's very important to me if you're going to be creating something.

    • Thomas: I love acting because it's an artistic way to release the million different personalities I have in my head.

    • Thomas: I am most grateful that everyone I know and love is healthy and that I have been lucky enough to have an acting career. I also want to especially thank everyone who visits my web site and lets me know that the work I'm doing is being appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Thomas as Adam on the Secret Circle

    I didn't love Adam on the show but I did love his relationships with Diana and Melissa. So this show was Awesome shame it was cancelled but it lives on in my fanfic check it out 11113758/1/Jake-and-Cassie-make-love-The-Secret-Circle-after-Season-1
  • secret circle is missed

    secret circle worked for me even though i am not a teen, i really enjoyed the show . i wish the studio found money for the season two, it's such a shame they didn't ... Thomas was a real gem in a Circle. *sigh*