Thomas Guiry

Thomas Guiry


10/12/1981, Trenton, New Jersey, USA.

Birth Name

Thomas John Guiry



Also Known As

Tom Guiry
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Plays Jimmy Donnely in the show The Black Donnellys

    I think think that Thomas Guiry is one of the stronger actors in the hit show The Black Donnelys. There have been plenty of times where his charactor Jimmy Donnely has made the episode for me. This guy is a rebel and i Think Thomas is a really talented actor.The show wouldn't be the same with out Jimmy D and i think that Thomas Guiry is the perfect actor to play him. I also recognised him when i recently watched Mystic River, although he didnt have as much screen time, he was an important part of the film and his talent stands out. Hopefully his charactor will stick around in Donnelys till the end. I only say this because i think he's a little reckless. Reckless and the best.moreless
  • His shining moment was in "All I Wanna Do" as Frosty Frost. One word- boxers. See it if you haven't already, you will be happy.

    Who knew that the young awkward kid who was Smalls in the Sandlot would grow up to be so hot? The movie "All I Wanna Do" is hard to find, but it is so worth it because he is gorgeous in it. It gives us a taste of the grown-up Thomas yet sadly we didn't get much more for him. I saw him in U-571 as well (by the way, also with Will Estes, equally hot) but that was pretty much the last of Thomas. You can barely even find pictures of him older than his Sandlot days... Bring Thomas back!!moreless