Thomas Haynes





Western Australia, Australia

Birth Name

Thomas Haynes




Australian born Thomas Haynes has continued to showcase his wide range of talents around the world since childhood when his first modelling campaign appeared on billboards across Europe.  Since then he’s gone from strength to strength in diverse roles spanning across all mediums.

At just sixteen his talents took Thomas to America where he would spend an eventful six years, graduating high school as homecoming king and being named an honorary Texas citizen by George Bush Jr.  While there he earned a basketball scholarship to Tarleton State University and was voted the International Student Body President before graduating with a pre-med degree.

Returning to Australia and continuing his pursuit of everything his talents would allow Thomas dabbled in film, radio, modelling and more, winning several awards and nominations along the way before his breakout role on the hit show ‘Big Brother’.  Thomas then landed the role of host for extreme sports show ‘All Stars TV’ and appeared on a variety of other Australian shows including co-hosting ‘Telethon’ before making his acting debut in earnest with ‘Girls Night In’.

Always wanting more, Thomas is continuously developing his versatility and skills working with some of the very best the world has to offer.  Screen combat training with Hollywood veteran Richard Norton led to a role in the US short film ‘Under Kings’ where Thomas impressed and was subsequently cast in ‘Black Jacks’ and ‘Just Stay’, this success prompting him to relocate from Melbourne to Los Angeles in 2014.