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  • Trivia

    • While training for a role as a fighter Thomas was asked to consider a career as a professional boxer by his friend and boxing champion Sam Soliman.

    • In 2007, Thomas appeared in a commercial for Macleans toothpaste.

    • After being evicted from the Big Brother house, it was revealed fellow house-mate, Susannah Murray, had broken up with her boyfriend and had entered into a relationship with Thomas.

    • While living in Texas as a high school exchange student Thomas was made an honorary Texas citizen by then Governor George Bush Jr.

    • Thomas completed his pre-med degree while on a basketball scholarship at Tarleton State University

    • At 16 while on a family holiday Thomas saved two children from drowning at Kuta Beach in Bali.

    • For the launch of 'All Stars TV' host Thomas Haynes did a publicity tour of Australia with Dennis Rodman, the two shared a common bond having both played for the same college basketball coach Lonn Reisman.

    • Thomas appeared on his first billboard when he was just 7 years old in an advertisement for Ugg Boots.

    • While he is the only child of Dr. Bruce Haynes and Sandra Davis, Thomas has three older half siblings - Sue, John, and Jenny.  He has one younger half sibling Simone, thereby making him the youngest, oldest, and middle child.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother, Thomas described himself as genuine and fun.

    • His favorite number is 42 which was his college basketball number and coincidentally according to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the number from which all meaning "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" could be derived.

    • Thomas is allergic to cats, but lives with two cats.

    • His favorite word is Wanderlust which stems from Thomas' passion for traveling.

  • Quotes

    • Thomas: (on Bodie's fashion sense) There's style, and then there's Bodie.

    • Thomas: (asked who he thinks is playing the game in the 2007 series of "Big Brother") I honestly didn't think anybody was playing the game. This far in, if they're playing the game, I hope they win, because it's too much effort to keep up that sort of an act for so long. When I first walked in I was really self conscious and didn't want to do anything embarrassing or cause any conflict on the outside, but after about a week, you sort of forget about it. I can't sit around all day worrying about what other people think.

    • Thomas: (on who he thinks will win the 7th season of "Big Brother") It's hard to pick between Travis, Aleisha and Billy. That's just from my sort of impression of them in the house. I'd love to see Jamie win because he's a good mate of mine in there. Anyone of those top three would be deserving of it for sure.

    • Thomas: (asked if he thought the "Big Brother" producers tried to make him look more egotistical than he really is) I don't think the producers can be guilty of anything really. At the end of the day you just get bored in there, and there are mirrors everywhere in the house and I walked around and I'm sure I looked at myself plenty. It wasn't the only thing I did in the house, but I don't have many particular exciting things about me, so I guess that's all they could find to show.

    • Thomas: (on his flirty behaviour) That's just who I am. I'm a flirty, kind of happy person. All of it is just a bit of a laugh and a fun time to me, it's not anything serious. I wasn't in there (the Big Brother house) looking for a relationship and I wasn't in there thinking that there was anything serious going on. For me it was just passing the time.

    • Thomas: (asked if he was upset at being evicted from "Big Brother") Not really. It was an amazing experience being in the house so getting out of the house is just an absolute thrill ride. I'm missing the house and the housemates and everything, but yeah, glad to be out.

    • Thomas: (after he was told his ex-wife had spoken poorly of him to the media while he was in "Big Brother") I'm sure I probably caused her a lot of inconvenience by going into the house. I can understand where her frustration has come from. She didn't want to have the Big Brother experience - it was my choice. Hopefully it's all resolved very, very quickly. I want my ex to be happy and move on with her life.

    • Thomas: I bet Laura twenty bucks that I could last six months before I had a girlfriend. I made that bet happily because twenty bucks? I don't really care! And Jamie said, "Well, I'll give you a little bit more incentive. Let's make it $2000." I politely declined because I didn't have that much faith in myself. Thankfully I think I'm possibly only going to lose twenty bucks. I'll probably bring $20 for Laura to the Gold Coast with me – just in case. If you see me handing her $20, you'll know what's going on.

    • Thomas: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") It's interesting. I know I said going into the House that there was no way I'd find love in the House and Susannah said that she looked forward to going into the House because maybe "the right one" was out there for her and she just hasn't met him. "Maybe he lives in Perth and this will give her the chance to meet him…

    • Thomas: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") I'm head over heels for her. I like her so much. She is a wonderful person. We have very, very similar personalities and I could be wrong, but it seems like we were put in the House together to connect. Because we have so much in common and get along so well that it seems like it's a little too well-orchestrated to be an accident.

    • Thomas: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") We do have something very special. It was obvious to anyone watching that in the House I was really attracted to her. But I never expected anything would happen. I know that neither of us would have allowed anything to happen in the House because of the relationship she was in. When I got out of the House, we remained good friends but still, there was nothing there. It wasn't until a few weeks ago or whatever it was, unfortunately her and Murphy couldn't make things work…

    • Susannah Murray: (on her relationship with Thomas) We know each other's temperament and things like that. I know he's not a psycho! [Laughs]. He's just a really caring, easy-going, down-to-earth guy. That's a good thing!

    • Susannah Murray: (on her new relationship with Thomas) We're just seeing how things go at the moment. Obviously it's early days. We were best friends in the House as you have seen, and that hasn't changed since leaving. We're just taking things slowly and seeing if there is something there. There's definitely something special.

    • Thomas: Andrew took my shirt off at Shooters [at a nightclub appearance]. To get the crowd really riled up, he waved it around his head and threw it into the crowd. Only problem was, it was a brand new shirt. As soon as somebody caught it, they looked at it and legged it out the door! If anyone's got that shirt out there, I'd like it back!

    • Thomas: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") We spent some time together in Perth when she was doing her appearances over here. I basically showed her around and showed her what Perth was like. And then we went to Melbourne and she showed me around a little bit. But yeah… what would you like to know?

    • Thomas: (on catching up with fellow "Big Brother" housemates) I've caught up with Andrew… and Hayley… and I caught up with Jamie on the phone and I saw Nick and Kate when I was in Melbourne… oh and I spoke to Bodie…

    • Thomas: (on the best piece of advice he's ever been given) Keep dancing… no seriously, they are laughing with you… and take off your shirt too.

    • Thomas: (on the best piece of advice he's ever been given) Don't do anything that you wouldn't be proud to have the rest of the world know about.

    • Thomas: (asked who his hero is) Anyone with a major disadvantage in their life who manages to keep a positive attitude.

    • Thomas: (prior to entering the "Big Brother" house) I want to be liked by everyone and knowing that others nominate me and then can't or won't tell me about it really gets to me.