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  • Thomas Jane is ONE of the hottest actors I know. After being discovered at the age of 17 by 2 Indian producers, Jane has inspired many people by the way he acts.

    Blonde, handsome, talented, and lucky are only a few ways to explain him, but there are many more ways, too. At the age of seventeen, Jane was discovered by 2 Indian producers, looking for a young, fairhaired American to play Romeo for one of their movies. And that is how is career got started. Thomas has starred in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Nemisis, At Ground Zero, The Crow: City of Angels, Boogie Nights, The Last Time I Commited Suicide, Thursday, The Velocity of Gary, The Thin Red Line, Deep Blue Sea (my personal favorite), Molly, Junked, Under Suspicion, Eden, Original Sin, 61*, The Sweetest Thing (also a favorite), Stander, The Dream Catcher, The Punisher, Stephen King's The Mist, Tripper, and many more. I hope he continues what he's doing right now and catches the hearts of many more women and is a favorite to others.