Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon


8/9/1970, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Tom Lennon
  • Thomas Lennon as Deputy/Lt. Dangle
  • Thomas Lennon as Deputy/Lt. Dangle
  • The cast of Reno 911.
  • The cast of Reno 911.
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Attended Oak Park River Forest High School, Oak Park, IL He is a fan of Jackie Chan. He co-wrote Pacifier (2005) with Chan in mind, but it had to be re-worked when it became a Vin Diesel vehicle instead. Lives with his wife Jenny Robertson in Los Angeles…more


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    • [On the possible sequel of Reno 911!: Miami]
      Tom Lennon: Reno 911: Down Under. We found we really like it when we're battling animals and I believe there's a certain kind of wildlife that Australia has. Kangaroos that will kick you in the face real bad, and so on. We wanna do a scene that involves a Koala bear humping someone's face! So if we can figure out a way to make a whole film around that, there's a good chance that could happen.

    • [On Night at the Museum]
      Tom Lennon: I don't think anyone ever thought it was going to make 560 million! It's in sort-of in 'mega hit' territory now, which is nice. Right now, we're actually in very early preliminary talks about a sequel.

    • [On the films he wrote, and if they open the doors to other jobs]
      Tom Lennon: Everybody hated Taxi, but Ben Stiller read the script of Taxi, and it got us the production rewrite of Starsky & Hutch, so it's like your credibility in one affects the other a tremendous amount. People don't have to guess what our sense of humor is like, they can watch Reno. So even when I think we've survived in the movie industry a Taxi, a Pacifier, a Herbie Fully Loaded, it's because you can look and see our sensibility. It's on every week—what we meant to be on, is on every week.

    • [On Memento]
      Tom Lennon: I must say, when I read the script for Memento, I thought it was amazing and going to be a big hit. The script was so good. It was a little confusing, then I got to the part where he's running and he thinks he's chasing this guy then he realizes that he's being chased. At that point, I laughed out loud and knew it would be awesome.

    • [On Star Wars]
      Tom Lennon: I've given up on the Star Wars movies completely. I didn't even see Attack of the Clones. On principle, I didn't see it, and I won't see the next one. Those movies are dead to me. The bummer about the Star Wars trilogy, or sexology, movies is no matter how cool the moments in it are, the story still ends with Ewoks. It's going to be dancing Ewoks going "la la la".

    • [On Los Angeles]
      Tom Lennon: You know, there's absolutely no reason to ever visit LA unless you're going to work in the film or television industry. I can't think any reason why anybody would want to come here or even look around or stay over night. It's an absolute one-trick pony kind of town.


    Thomas Lennon is so funny. He is an awesome actor and great at the gay thing. He's done it in "Out Cold", and "Reno 911". I really don't know what to say about this man. I'd like to see him in more. Thumbs up to the fake homosexuality and awesome acting skills of Thomas Lennon.