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Thomas McDonell

Thomas McDonell

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  • Finn must go

    I feel more sorry for Raven, at first i was kinda into the clarke Finn thing before Raven came down, but honestly since then I kinda see more spark between Clarke and Bellamy Id prefer them, and does Clarkes mother and Marcus have some kind of chemistry I originally missed? not that they'd act on it but might be possible the show wants us to notice SPOILER ps I really think finn had to die i was hoping hed give himself in for the others to livemoreless
  • I feel you as if it's me you glancing at.

    I'm pulled in by his by the way he plays Finn. Make you feel safe, protected, loved. Hoping he stays my heart would break for Clark not to have the one person she trust the most. Thomas you make Finn come alive only if......