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  • Thorsten Kaye is one of the best actors in Daytime TV, his natural chemistry with his co-star Alicia Minshew is off the charts! By: Ndroxs1 Sister

    When I first saw Thorsten Kaye on All my Children I was in total awe. His screen presence is amazing and I believe he is one of the best actors to come into Daytime TV in a long time. He truly is a scene stealer on All my Children. He comes into every scene with everything he's got and its just off the charts! And of course.. he is GORGEOUS!! Of course I must talk about the natural chemistry between him and his costar Alicia Minshew. Together they are AMC's true super couple.. Zendall!

    When Zach and Kendall first met in Las Vegas some time ago I thought to myself "Hmm they would be a great couple" and look what we got! Their fantastic together and they both light up the screen when they preform together. Thumbs up to Thorsten and Alicia for making us laugh, cry, and smile with them everyday!!

    By: ndroxs1 sister!! :)