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Norwood, Ontario, Canada

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3 Days Grace, 3DG
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Three Days Grace are a rock band from Ontario, Canada. Starting out in 1997 as a three piece known as Groundswell, the band later changed their name and added a temporary fourth member to help on guitar during touring. The fourth member became permanent and Three Days Grace…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On August 24, 2006, Three Days Grace were the guest hosts on the radio talk-show Loveline.

    • They were nominated for Best New Group Of The Year at the 2004 Juno Awards.

    • In 2006, Three Days Grace supported two tours. One of the tours was with Stained and the other was with Nickelback and Hoobastank.

    • A three second clip of the Three Days Grace song Are You Ready? was features in 2005's Cursed. The band performed in the 2004 Hillary Duff movie, Raise Your Voice.

    • The band's name was the result of the band considering "If you had three days to change something about yourself, what would it be?"

    • At the Radio Music Awards Three Days Grace was nominated for two Radio Music Awards – Song of the Year/Alternative and Active Rock Radio for Home and Song of the Year/Rock Radio for Just Like You.

    • Three Days Grace's self-titled debut hit number one and two on the Billboard Modern rock track charts and the single for Home hit number 15 on the charts.

    • Other songs by Three Days Grace:

      Are You Ready (UK version)
      Like This - Unreleased
      My Own Life - Unreleased

    • Three Days Grace recorded 5 songs in Toronto. The 5 songs were cut down to 3 and released as a demo in 2000. This demo was called Three Days Grace. Only 150 copies were made.

      Track Listing:

      1. TV
      2. In Front Of Me
      3. This Movie

    • Album - Three Days Grace
      Track Listing:

      2.Just Like You
      3.I Hate Everything About You
      6.Let You Down
      7.Now Or Never
      8.Born Like This
      10.Wake Up
      11.Take Me Under

    • Barry joined Three Days Grace in 2003, following the release of I Hate Everything About You. He joined to take some pressure off of Adam whilst on-stage.

    • Three Days Grace were signed to Jive Records in fall 2002.

    • Neil plays the drums on a CD called Shutterbug by Oddball, which was released in 1996.

    • Wave Of Popular Feeling was released by Three Days Grace, under their former name of Groundswell, in early 1995.

    • The band uses the following pieces of equipment:

      Paul Reed Smith guitars
      GMP guitars
      Hughes & Kettener Amps
      Jim Dunlop Picks
      S.I.T. Strings

    • Three Days Grace have explained the various meanings behind some of their songs from Let You Down, which is about deception to I Hate Everything About You which deals with love-hate relationships and Just Like You which addresses confronting and fighting for your individuality.

    • Three Days Grace have released three CD albums: Three Days Grace (July 22, 2003), One-X (June 13, 2006) and Life Starts Now (September 22, 2009).

  • Quotes

    • Neil: I hate bands that think they are too cool to meet and talk to their fans. If a band doesn't have time for the fans, then the fans wont have time for the band.

    • Neil (discussing the song 'Overrated'): The lyrics in this song talk about our generation that is tired of conforming to an outdated set of values, rules, and morals, that have been set up by people of an older generation, who are completely out of touch with the way we choose to live our lives today.

    • Adam: This year's been great for us. We've basically been writing the new record since we got off the road. It's always great to get home after a year and a half of touring. You have a lot of time at home with friends and family, and people that you haven't seen for along time, then, once you get in all the visiting and stuff, it's back to work, everyday is spent writing, making demos, and recording songs for the new record. We tried a couple different writing techniques on this record also, so really, we were taking our time.

    • Adam: Thanks for being fans of our band. It's nice to see people. Were from so far away when we come to a new place and meet new fans it's amazing. We want to thank the fans for liking the band and digging the music.

    • Brad (on the song 'Drown'): Drown to me really represents a time in my life. At one point I felt very depressed and alone growing up in Norwood. There was no opportunity for a young man to expand and grow. All the people around me just seemed to be stuck.
      Drown reminds me of the day I left and the reasons why I left. 'Rolling faster than I'm breathing....all my favorite friends vanished in the air. Change my direction and save myself before I Drown.'

    • Adam: People think that because of our lyrics, I'm a dark person. But I mostly write songs when I'm mad. So that's what people see.

    • Adam: It's the most incredible feeling when you've got a room full of a thousand people singing back your lyrics. When people relate to your feelings and your music in their own way, it's unreal.

    • Adam: My goal in life has always been to tour the world playing music. From the age of 12, that's what I wanted to do more than anything else. Now I'm doing it, and it's awesome. I'm very luck!

    • Barry: We all have in common the fact that we all seem to be venting while we're on stage. Walking up on stage in front of a mad mosh pit is the perfect environment to blow off some steam. When we are on the road I hate days off, If I had my way we would perform every day.

    • Barry: I can't stand people that judge others based on looks, money, or any other of that superficial crap. I once saw a quote that said, You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same. It's brilliant.

    • Brad: I starting playing guitar when I first met Adam. He asked me two questions you smoke?., and second... do you play guitar? After a yes to both, that was it, the start of the ride.

    • Neil: We treat our live show as a separate entity than the record. We want each show to be different from the last and we want to be able to go off on musical tangents. Being spontaneous on stage always keeps it fresh for us. We started in a town of 1500 people, playing on hay wagons at pit parties in the back fields, and touring in a cream-colored K-Car. We used to jam in Brad's basement with homemade equipment, I remember using wooden spoons to play drums when we ran out of proper drumsticks.

    • Neil: Whenever I have to buy something at a 7/11 through bullet proof glass, I get really disappointed in this country.

    • Adam: Home is one of my favorite songs. It hits a spot with me. It's a fun song to play live as well. It's tough to pick a favorite. But because of the amount of energy we give it live I'd say it's Home.

  • One of my all-time favs.

    These guys are absolutly amazing! I love their style of music, a kind of what I call medium rock, which is right between light rock (think B-52) and hard-core metal (Metallica). Adam Gontier is a really talented singer. I just loooooooooove his voice. And hair. He rocks. = ) My favorite songs from them are Never Too Late, and Let It Die, especially Never Too Late. (the music video for that one was awesome. Other songs I would recommend are Riot, Animal I Have Become, I Hate Everthing About You, and Pain. So, make sure you check out this ah-mazing band.moreless
  • a very good band with alot of talent i think....

    three days grace is one of my favorite bands.they write powerful music,and they can keep it entertaining while doing it.all of there songs have great sounds to them and are very original.i think that they have made a few good cd's so far.there newer cd one-x is done very well with alot of good songs and its something you can listen to over and over for a long time.the songs there older one promo_exp i a good cd doesn't out do the newer one,but its still worth takin a look into,i think alot of people will enjoy this band very muchmoreless