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Thuy Trang

Thuy Trang


12/14/1973, Saigon, Vietnam



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On 3rd September 2001, Thuy was a front seat passenger in a car that was traveling on the I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Suddenly the driver of the car lost control. Thuy died in the resulting accident.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Thuy began studying Kung Fu when she was nine years old.

    • Thuy lost her father to cancer shortly after the family's relocation to the United States.

    • Thuy's father traveled to the United States to seek political asylum following the fall of Saigon in 1975. The rest of the family was unable to leave Vietnam until 1979 and following a stay at a Hong Kong detention camp arrived in California in 1980.

    • Thuy was 5'6".

    • Thuy was going to star along side her fellow ex-rangers in a film called Cyberstrike, but due to production difficulties the film was never made.

    • Thuy appeared along with ex-Power Rangers Austin St. John and Walter Jones in a documentary called, The Encyclopedia of Martial Arts.

    • The fight scene between Vincent Perez's character (Ashe) and Thuy's character (Kali) in The Crow: City of Angels (1996) was originally not in the script, but Thuy convinced the film's director, Tim Pope, to not only add the scene, but to also let Thuy do most of her own stunts.

    • Mighty Morphin Power Ranger co-stars David Yost, Amy Jo Johnson, Austin St John, and Walter Jones attended her funeral.

    • Thuy graduated from Banning High School and earn a scholarship to study Civil Engineering at UC Irvine.

  • Quotes

  • Thuy Trang remembered 7 years later... RIP

    I had only heard about Thuy's death a year or two ago, during the time of her death I was in transition and didn't watch TV much at all, on top of that my viewing of Power Rangers had severely dropped off since Power Rangers in Space so I missed the episode dedicated to her. She was a great actress and had the potential to be even more, its so sad to see things like that go out with such a whisper. Remember her guys and girls, Thuy Trang will always have her place in television history, and will always be close to those who remember her short lived, but Powerific legacy :)moreless
  • Thuy is one of my favorite actor's that played on Power Rangers. and when i found out what happend i was devestated. We Miss You Thuy.

    Thuy Trang was mostly know for her role in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the Yellow Ranger. I loved it when she was on there she could really fight. But then she and 2 of the other actors left cuz of there salary. And when i found out about what happen on September 3, 2001 i was devestaded cuz she left. But for now on im going to post a blog about her every year just for her. and if where to ever meet her i would of wanted to be a good friend to her. So i just wanted to let everyone who reads this that I Miss You Thuy You were a great actor.