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Tia Marie Schroeder

Tia Marie Schroeder

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Tia began her career in 1995, on Mickey Mouse Club's series Emerald Cove. She further experienced every young girls dream of becoming, not just 1 princess, but several princesses such as: Cinderella, Belle from Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, in a variety of shows…more


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  • Tia Marie Schroeder is now being credited as Tia Marrie. Larger list of credits on imdb. Website tiamarrie.com.

    I find Tia to be charming with charisma that will knock anyone out of their socks. She's the girl next door that everyone loves, but at the same time sexy and alluring. I love her in her comedy rolls and she can surprisingly bring me to tears in her more dramatic roles as well. She has grown so much since her Double Dare 2K days were she made the hearts of all young boys throb and the desire to be like her from all her young girl fans. I know I will be seeing her in many more productions with the same favorable applause.moreless