Tia Texada

Tia Texada


12/14/1971, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Tia Nicole Tucker



Also Known As

Ta Texada, Tia Tejada
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Before landing her most notable role of NYPD Sgt. Maritza Cruz on Third Watch, Tia Texada was a singer. She appeared on the soundtrack for Dawson's Creek and she sang the part of Lupe, the parrot in the 1998 animated film Paulie.

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    • Tia Texada: My parents knew, from the time I was little, that acting is what I wanted to do. I became really creative, and then I knew, and my whole family knew that I'd be very creative. When I was about to give up, they were always there to say, 'don't give up. You gotta do what you've gotta do.' I was so fortunate because my parents were so supportive. I think they wanted me to go to college. I tried.

    • Tia Texada: Things are starting to change. I'm seeing the changes in the scripts that are coming to me. It (all adds up to) long hours, but it's worth it. When people come up to you and say, 'Oh my God, I love that show,' then you know you're doing something interesting.

    • (Referring to the few roles that are available for Latinas)
      Tia Texada: Usually go to Jennifer, Salma or Penelope. Box office is huge. If a role comes up, they're going to want Jennifer because she has great box office appeal. These are things that I'm learning.

    • Tia Texada: I pick what comes to me. It's very difficult, and I'm not afraid to say that. I went in for a role, and I really wanted to play it, but they said I was too ethnic looking for it. I have to accept that.

    • (Referring to her character's personality on Third Watch)
      Tia Texada: People tell me: That doesn't even look like you! That's the way it should be. Most of the parts I play don't even look like me. I love it. That means I'm doing my job.

    • (Referring about her character on Third Watch)
      Tia Texada: My character is quite intense. She's layered. And that's how we are as Latin women. We're layered and we have so much complexity. That's what makes us beautiful.

    • (Answer to when asked what she wanted to be when she was young)
      Tia Texada: I either wanted to be a nun, or a hula dancer. Those are the extremes I'd go to. So, I'd practice my hula, and say my prayers.

  • Love her work

    I love Tia Texada work on Third Watch. She plays the part of Sgt. Cruz very well. I have seen just about all her work so far and I wish she can be seen in alot more. She had a small role in the movie "Bait" that starred Jamie Foxx, which I think she should have been shown more. This is truly a star who I would love to see have more parts in movies. I love you Tia, keep up the good work.moreless
  • Tia Texada does extremely well with a very complex and challenging character on 'Third Watch'...

    Texada plays the character of Sergeant Maritza Cruz on NBC's 'Third Watch'. Cruz wasn't perceived as the friendliest of characters when she first appeared, and throughout her time on the series, viewers have either loved her, or hated her. Personally, I loved her. Maritza Cruz was depicted as a no-nonsense, tough, streetwise cop who would do anything to get to keep the criminals off the streets.

    Unfortunately for her, the writers didn’t give her the most favourable plotlines to work with, such as shooting one of the most-loved characters in the series [Yokas], working for the FBI and seducing Bosco in order to get his help on a case which made her appear corrupt in her methods and while these things are what have made the audience hate her, she still has to put up with a lot of sh*t.

    The death of her sister as a result of a drug addiction and being the victim of a brutal rape while undercover obviously affected Cruz on an extremely personal level, but all of these things only helped to illustrate the range and depth of Texada’s talent as a serious actor.