Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold


6/28/1971, Queens, New York, USA

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Tichina R. Arnold is an American Actress best known for her roles of Pamela James on Martin and her most recent role of Rochelle on Everybody Hates Chris. She has a daughter, Alijah Kai, who was born in 2004 with ex-boyfriend Carvin Haggins.


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  • She is one of the best.

    This woman knows comedy. She is so funny and talented. Her new role on \"Everybody Hate\'s Chris\", fits her so perfectly. Although she\'s been in many shows, I\'ll always think of her as Pam from Martin. She was so great in that role; her facial expressions where classic. I think it\'s just a reflection of who she is. Somebody give this lady an Emmy. She deserves it.
  • I think that tichina Arnold is a very talentd and original actress, but i think that the show, "Everybody Hates Chris" could be alot better than it is. i often fins myself thinking of ways to improve an episode or scene.moreless

    I appsolutly love Tichina Arnold. Her voice is to die for. She has moved me to tears many time because of her god given talents. she's a great actor and extreemly talented. she has given great performances to movies such as "Big Momma House", "Civil Brand", and "Little Shop Of Horrors". I thought it was really funny when she Punk'd her friend Vivica A Fox, and her Best Friend Tisha Campbell. It's my favorite episode. She also has a gorgous daughter who will probubly follow in her mothers footsteps. Keep up the good work girl and don't stop doin what you doin.moreless