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    TV.com has set a ceiling on the number of quotes that can be submitted to an editorless guide to ten (10). I've set mine to about fifteen (15). The reason being the blurb page for a person shouldn't feature everything a person says, but quotes likely to be interesting for people who doesn't know the person that well when they visit the page. While the blurb page become very hard to navigate with 50ish quotes and equally many trivias, everyone with a special interest in that many quotes shouldn't mind taking a detour into this forum.

    If you think your potential quote submission is more interesting and/or more up-to-date than those on the blurb page, just go ahead and submit it. If I'm still editor and don't agree, it just might end up here instead. I've transferred some of the excess quotes from the Quotes Section of the guide. Please feel free to add on quotes to this thread, but keep out discussions and opinions. Start a new tread if you'd like to comment on or discuss Tiffani's quotes.

    Tiffani: I have more zits now than I did as a teenager. Stress zits.

    Tiffani: Quitting just never seems to be an option.

    Tiffani: (On Saved by the Bell fan reaction at an appearance) All these kids were just lovin' what we did and screamin' and yellin' out our names and throwing things at us and wanting to cut our hair off and things like that.

    Tiffani: I've collected pigs since I was really little, miniature pigs and stuff like that.

    Tiffani: I get my blue eyes from my dad.

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