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  • Tiffani Thiessen:From Teen Queen to Talented Actress

    I have watched Tiffani since we were both 15.She was my favorite character on Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 but she showed an amazing actress she had grown into on the FOX show Fastlane.I loved that show but it only lasted a season.I am loving her on White Collar although she is not on nearly enough.I have watched Tiffani for over 20 years and she is a beautiful and very talented actress.I always love to see what part she will play next.The way she went from perky Kelly Kapowski to the vixen Valerie Malone was great and then to the undercover cop Billie Chambers on Fastlane to now the wife of an FBI agent on White Collar she is so diverse.
  • very talented actress!

    tiffani thiessen is such a great actress and i think that she is very versatile, and she can play many different roles. she is able to play any role given to her, from good girl kelly kapowski on "saved by the bell", to vixen valerie on "beverly hills 90210", and bossy billy on "fastlane". she even did really good on her guest starring roles as marti on "two guys and a girl", amy watson on "just shoot me," and victoria on "good morning, miami." i was really excited to find out that Tiffani will be in a new four hour mini series on hallmark called "Pandemic" and i wish her all the best.
  • I love Tiffani

    Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen is in a class by itself. Not only I've been a fan of her, I also madly in love with her. I can't help it. she is turly a beautiful angel . I worte a few letters to her and I think she may have answer some. Last year I was heartbroken by her marriage. but that doesn't keep me down. She's an orginal and a womnder woman. I collect some picture on her and put them in my file. I might be crazy in love, but I don't care. I love Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen. she's one beautiful woman.
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

    I love Tiffani as a actress, and plus she is very hot. I loved her the most on Beverly Hills 90210 as Valerie Malone. I'm sad she had to go. I hope she appeares on popular shows that is shown here in Iceland. She played the manipulated and medling girl on Beverly Hills 90210, and that is why i love her. Beverly Hills 90210 is showing again here in Iceland.
    It is my 2nd favourite show because of Tiffani.
    I really want to see What About Brian, because she is acting in that show as Natasha. She is just a great actress.
  • Has had starring roles in several life time movies, as well as playing Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell and as Valerie Malone in Beverly Hills, 90210

    A very talented actress who played the super nice girl in almost every role that you see her in, and than she debuted on Beverly Hills, 90210 in which she played Valerie, and she was the meanest something that came to Beverly Hills and yet she did a fantastic job playing her nice and sincere, than going to be the you know. I loved her on Beverly Hills and i can't believe the performance that this girl actually turned in. It was completely unbelievable, and she definetly is an actress that, i believe, took their good girl or good boy image, and kept it, but flipped that. She did great, and here is hoping that she returns to the new 90210.
  • Maybe the most adorable body in TV's history.

    At first I saw Tiffani in "Beverly Hills 90210". Then I saw her movies "Son in law", "She fought alone", "Hollywood ending", "Shriek if you know what I did last friday the thirteenth", "Speedway junkie" and "The ladies man". I also saw her show "Fastlane" and as a guest star in various other TV -shows. To me the best of her was her role in "Beverly hills 90210" and guest starring in "Two guys, and a girl". Her role in "90210" was very intresting and Tiffani as a firefighter in "Two guys and a girl" was just superb.

    It was her perfect body, her attractive sex appeal and her nice smile that first called my attention. Based on what I've so far seen I think Tiffani is somewhat more talented than average actress. I find her physically very attractive and I'm looking forward to see Tiffani in her new show "What about Brian".
  • The best thing to happen to Saturday mornings turned into the best thing to happen to crime fighting.

    I remember watching Saved by the Bell as if my high school years depended on it! Didn't love Kelly as much as everyone else did but hey, to each their own. Later in life as I grew oledr so did Tiffany but damn, she got better, I had no idea that a young girl on a cheesy kids show could graduate to hot, badass boss of Peter Faccinelli and Bill Belamy. I miss that character like missing the anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas Day. Too bad such a good performance had to be concluded due to cost overages, damn!
  • Who didn't love seeing Kelly on Saved by the Bell?

    Who didn't love seeing Kelly on Saved by the Bell? She is stunningly beautiful and sexy and everything nice. However she does have some acting skill in her when she starred in 90210, or was it Melrose Place. Too many to remember. Anyway, her latest project was Fastlane which didn't do all that well so we haven't seen her in a while.
  • Great actress

    I've seen her from the big hair little school girl with the good girl attitude been in love with the same guy, to a person who got away from that who got what she wanted and turned very sexy all around. She's a very good actress and look forward to seeing her playin more roles in the future. even another t.v. show.