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  • Maybe the most adorable body in TV's history.

    At first I saw Tiffani in "Beverly Hills 90210". Then I saw her movies "Son in law", "She fought alone", "Hollywood ending", "Shriek if you know what I did last friday the thirteenth", "Speedway junkie" and "The ladies man". I also saw her show "Fastlane" and as a guest star in various other TV -shows. To me the best of her was her role in "Beverly hills 90210" and guest starring in "Two guys, and a girl". Her role in "90210" was very intresting and Tiffani as a firefighter in "Two guys and a girl" was just superb.

    It was her perfect body, her attractive sex appeal and her nice smile that first called my attention. Based on what I've so far seen I think Tiffani is somewhat more talented than average actress. I find her physically very attractive and I'm looking forward to see Tiffani in her new show "What about Brian".