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    • Tiffani: If I didn't work out, it'd be a disaster. The weight issue has been a really big thing for me all my life. I come from an overweight family, and in this business, it's something you simply can't be. I love eating, but I work out six days a week, usually for an hour and a half.

    • Tiffani: I'd say I've enjoyed every role that I've done in my life.

    • Tiffani: I've seen the effects of drugs too often. My brother had a big problem with them for five years. He's better now, but I've never needed or wanted to be involved with them.

    • Tiffani: (on Woody Allen and working with him on the 2002 movie Happy Ending) I'll never forget that reading; it was an amazing experience. You come into the room and look over and see this amazing genius sitting there, this legend. It was all very exciting, but to this day, I still don't know what the movie is about. That's just how Woody works.

    • Tiffani: I love to shop for lingerie! My drawer for my lingerie is probably as big as my drawer for sweats and jeans. It's really huge.

    • Tiffani: Luckily I have a very type-A personality and I'm very observant of my surroundings, I think that's probably because I'm a woman and because I am an actress. I tend to watch what I do...Anytime I was on the set as an actress, I was always that girl who sat next to the camera and was like, 'What does that do? What does this do?' And for years and years I was like that, but that was just me being curious. Luckily it paid off in the long run.

    • Tiffani: I'm a very free spirit; there are two sides to me, completely. If I could take you into my closet, you'd go, 'Yep, you're right.' It's split right down the middle. I have just as many sweatshirts as I have sweaters. I have just as many jeans as I have black pants.

    • Tiffani: (On her transition from Saved by the Bell to Beverly Hills, 90210) Coming from a sweet, young, innocent little girl on Saved by the Bell and to this - you know - girl who was around. A lot. With a lot of different people, guys mainly. Instant fun.

    • Tiffani: I base my actions on what my capabilities are.

    • Tiffani: Hard work and a lot of heart will continue to be the cornerstones of my life's accomplishments.

    • Tiffani: I learned how to smoke from Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Saved by the Bell. He's the one who taught me, and we smoked together. I think my mom knew we were smoking together when we were working, so I knew I couldn't really lie myself out of it.

    • Tiffani: There are too many rotten things in this world, and if I can put a smile on one little girl's face, one little boy's face, then I've done my job.

    • Tiffani: My mom always taught me to be sweet and polite and cross my legs because it's what the guys like. Actually, they like a raunchy girl once in a while.