Tiffany Brissette





12/26/1974 , Paradise, California, USA

Birth Name

Tiffany Marie Brissette




Tiffany Michelle Brissette, most famous for her role as the child robot Vicki in Fox's successful 80's show Small Wonder, was born on December 26, 1974 in Paradise, California, USA.

She started her performing career when she was only two years old. Her mom entered her in several pageants and various talent competitions. Not long after, she began doing voice-over work and started appearing in numerous commercials. Her career moved forward after appearing in A Perfect Day for Banana Fish with Bob Hope. She was then urged by her peers to pursue a career in television.

Tiffany and her robot character Vicki have become household names in the 1980's when the sitcom Small Wonder became a huge success. After the show ended in 1989, she appeared in TV shows such as The 700 Club in 1991. Since that year, she has never returned to television.

As of 2006, Tiffany has been living in San Diego, California.