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    • Tiffany: I haven't experienced the "She's either pretty or she can act," so far. I think that most of my situations I've been challenged to have to perform and absolutely be a great actress regardless of how I look. But have I experienced not having to play, we've had a couple of roles like that so far, but it's mainly just a matter of opinion of the casting director to say, "Do I want to present this girl to the producer or not based on what I see." Yesterday I did something where it said the girl had downplayed natural beauty, so you go in with your hair in a pony tail and not a lot of makeup, or no makeup. I think it's more just a matter of opinion. I think it may start to get more difficult when people start to know you with a certain look. For example, the show coming out for the WB, my character is very polished and put together, she's pretty, that kind of good, clean cut girl. That's great, but if I want to play something else, I have to convince them to see me that way. I think it's more difficult later than it is at the start.