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    • Tiffany Hines stars in the television series Beyond the Break. She can also be seen in a 2006 Dodge Truck Campaign and print campaign, and the 2006 series finale of Grey's Anatomy.

      She was born at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. Her mother Deborah Hines resides in Batavia, Ohio and works as a teacher, and her father David Hines resides in New Jersey working as an accountant. She has one younger sister, Andrea Hines, who also resides in Cincinnati.

      She attended the Seven Hills Upper School in Cincinnati, OH and attended the University of Cincinnati for two years (where she studied marketing), before leaving to pursue a career in acting. Tiffany danced and taught at various dance studios in the Cincinnati area before leaving.

      Tiffany began her dance choreography career at the age of 15 by creating a solo lyrical dance for her sister.

      Tiffany is represented by the GEM Entertainment Group.

      More interesting facts about Tiffany:

      She played the violin as a child, and she performed for the Tallahasse Youth Orchestra while living in Tallahasse, FL.

      She appeared in the movie "Milk Money" as an extra in the dance scene.

      Tiffany also sings, and hopes one day to have a vocal career.