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Tiffany Richardson


Miami, Florida, USA

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Tiffany Richardson


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Tiffany Richardson was born in Miami Florida. She was born in a ghetto neighbourhood and lived with her granmother. She decided to try out for Cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model, but was not chosen. We know that she got into a fight in a local bar,…more


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    • (about talking to fellow contestant Brandy Rusher)
      Tiffany: Now yet. Brandy and I have been playing telephone tag. She's talked to my Grandma and my Momma, and I'm always running out the door when she calls, or I'm out somewhere. And then I'll call her back and it's busy – Brandy likes to talk. I haven't talked to Rebecca either, and I'd love to talk to that girl. Lluvy too.

    • (about who her inspiration for trying out again for "America's Next Top Model" was)
      Tiffany: My Grandma. She's been watching the show since the very first season, and I'd be like there's no way I'm watching that, those women are all up in each other's faces and stuff. She wanted me to try out for the show. I didn't want to, but my Grandma was telling me that she was taking my butt down there anyway, so I went. Seems that everything I did to not be like the people on the show was what got me on the show.

    • (talking about going to a possible post show reunion)
      Tiffany: Yeah! Um, no. Well, yeah. No. It depends on who's there, I mean if it's Brandy and Rebecca and Lluvy, then yeah. But some of these other people, no way. Hopefully by then I'll be modeling anyway, so I wouldn't even have to consider it.

    • Tiffany: No more reality TV for me! No way!

    • (about what she felt before being eliminated)
      Tiffany: A part of me kind of gave up on the inside though I wasn't being as bad Tiffany as I can be.

    • Tiffany: I don't think I was that angry! Last season there was that one incident, but really I'm not that angry, and I wasn't that angry. I mean, let someone throw beer all over you and see how angry you are! If I were going around beating everyone up, then you could say I was angry.

    • Tiffany: I was fed up — and not with modeling, but with reality TV. The photo shoots I loved, but all the bickering and fussing that you guys don't see… it built up inside of me, and I guess I really let it show in my work during the last episode. It looked to her as if I gave up — and to half of America, too! But like I told her, nobody knew what I was going through on the inside, you know? I wasn't losing confidence, I was fed up with people throwing at me, 'Oh, you're ghetto' or trying to change me into somebody that I'm not.

    • Tiffany: That STANK HO poured beer on my WEAVE.

    • Tiffany: I would go to Burger King or McDonald's and people would be, like, "I know you!".

    • Tiffany: TyraMail said something about working with 10 other bitches. I already got to work with these bitches right here, I don't need no more.

    • Tiffany: I went from America's Most Wanted to America's Next Top Model!

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  • Tiffany was the bigger person!

    From everything Tiffany had been through, I felt she handled herself well. Tiffany could have tried harder but she was out of her comfort zone and it seems like she did not know what to do. It looked like she was taking the elimination good. In my opinion, Tyra acted as if Tiffany was suppose to cry and down herself, so she could be Tiffany's savior. I also think that some of the girls were phony with their comments about Tiffany. That whole display was so annoying and rude on Tyra's part and she should have apologized to Tiffany. Through that whole ordeal, Tiffany showed her growth as a person.moreless

    Okay. I'm really only going to let quotes speak for themselves here. The first is a flashback to a season in which Tiffany didn't make it very far...

    Tiffany: "That STANK HO poured beer on my WEAVE!"

    and the second will be a conversation. An arguement, in fact, between this audacious young woman and THE Tyra Banks. You know you saw it, you know you remember it and you know that it was the best moment in Top Model History. Or just history in General.

    Tiffany: I don't have a bad attitude.

    Tyra: Be Quiet, Tiffany!

    Tiffany: Maybe I'm angry inside.

    Tyra: What is wrong with you? Be Quiet!

    Tiffany: I've been through stuff so I'm angry!

    Tyra: STOP IT!

    (Drum effect in background followed by silence.)

    Tyra: I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this, it's because she loves me. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, how DARE you?! LEARN somethin' from this! You go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself, cuz nobody's gonna take responsibility for you. You rollin' your eyes and you actin' like this cuz you heard it all before, you heard it all before! You don't know where the hell I come from, you have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim, I grow from it and I learn. Take responsibility for yo'self!moreless