Tim Bagley

Tim Bagley


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Birth Name

Timothy Hugh Bagley



Also Known As

Timothy Bagley
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tim has played a Doctor twice; on the movie Knocked Up and in the season 5 episode of Desperate Housewives, "Mirror, Mirror".

    • He appeared on The Megan Mullally Show.

    • Tim was in a video, The Ladder Party, along with Megan Mullally.

    • He is close friends with the Will & Grace cast and there's a game that he plays with the cast and any guest stars, One Word Story.

    • Tim played Larry in Will and Grace.

    • In the film Day After Tomorrow, Tim had a monologue as Tommy Levinson, a TV News reporter, with a helicopter 10 feet above his head. He found out years later that Roland Emmerich describes it as one of his most terrifying and dangerous shots ever as a director.

    • Tim won LA Weekly awards for Best Solo Comedy Performance in Groundlings, Pretty Groundlings and Best Ensemble for Groundlings, Good and Twenty.

    • Tim was General Manager for Cathy Rigby's first tour of Peter Pan. This garnered 2 Tony award nominations.

    • Currently, (2008) Tim lives in Los Angeles, California.

    • Even though he was born in Minnesota, Tim grew up in Madison and Trempealeau, Wisconsin and Niles, Michigan with his parents, Carol and Elwyn.

    • During the time that Tim worked with The Groundlings, he was cast by Mark Paladini and Fern Champion for his first feature film, The Mask, starring Jim Carrey. His character was Irv, the mechanic.

    • Tim performed and wrote with The Groundlings from 1989 to 1995.

    • After college, Tim had many "odd" jobs, including a butler at the Playboy Mansion, a Mitzi Gaynor dancer, a Page at Paramount Studios, a reader at a court reporting college, and a phone service operator.

    • Tim wrote a 1-person show about his experience as a butler while he was at Playboy mansion. The show is called Clean Boy Dirty Stories.

    • While he was in California, Tim majored in Art with a minor in Psychology at his college (California State University Fullerton).

    • Sometime after college, he began taking acting classes with Gordon Hunt, Nina Foch, Howard Fine, and The Groundlings.

    • Once Tim finished high school, he moved to southern Cailfornia to perform with the singing group The Young Americans.

    • His first series regular role was on Howie Mandel's Sunny Skies that aired on Showtime.

    • Tim went to California State University Fullerton.

    • Tim has four siblings, Anne, Kit, Dan, and Patrick.

    • Tim won the Jury Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado for Happy Hour, which is his one-person show.

    • Tim's cousin is Jennifer Shilling, who is the Wisconsin State Representative.

  • Quotes

    • Tim: My way into show business was through commercials. I've always gone out on any audition my commercial agent sent me on, and was grateful for the opportunity.