Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman


5/13/1965, Ventura, California

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Born and raised in California, Tim Chapman is a man of few words. Tim was raised with an abusive father, who would later end up in prison. Starting at a young age Tim was beaten, starved, and neglected by his father. Over the years Tim would learn that…more


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  • We all make mistakes.

    He is one tough nice guy. Hope he gets his life back on track.
  • Tim Chapman is a HONEY!.....and a tough guy with class. Very Clint Eastwood like in your delivery of cool, detached, considerations of the moment.

    I am proud to be the first to write a review for you. The first time I watched BH my eyes could not believe it. You are the image of a man who has been described to me for years as my twin, soul, angel (in this lifetime). Sounds wierd right..well, everytime I get a reading from any medium, they decribe you to the tee, I am just glad to know you exist for real.. it's a relief.

    The ladies I know have many descriptions of your qualities, a classic, handsome face, sexy, jaguar stroll, looks HOT in a bullet proof vest, very nice fitting pants, seductive smile, curious/smart thoughts/verbage, credibility for the craft.....and OMG that pony tail! More of you is what we want....way more. Way to go on a first and very terrific season, can wait till 9-4-05 for season 2.moreless