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  • Oldie but goodie.

    Great. Funny.
  • Tim Conway rocks...he rocked back in Mchales Navy and it never gets old.

    Tim Conway is one of the all time great comedians I have ever seen. I loved him in Mchale's Navy, even though I wasn't around when those came out, and also in the Carol Burnette Show. I wasn't around when either of those were being made, but I have seen them on reruns and Tim is the most awesome charecter on them both. I love his style of humor. I think that it is awesome how he can pretend to be dumb.

    On the Carol Burnette Show, I loved it when he and Harvy would team up to do a skit. One of my all-time favorites is when Harvy goes to the dentist who is Tim Conway. Tim sticks himself several times witht he novocane and then collapses. It was awesome because Harvy never saw it coming. That was one of the awesome things about Tim Conway, for him, the scripts were more like suggestions. He could look at it and, if he thought of something funnier, he would use it. It makes for great TV.

    He would have been awesome on the show "Whose Line Is It Anyways?" He would have fit right in with all the ad-libbing. He can make up hilarious stuff right on the spot and, he can do funny voices. I loved him in all the roles that he did. Tim Conway is definatly one of the all-time greatest comedians!