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    Tim Curry is a really talented actor. He has a lot, lots of credits and has appeared in all kind of movies, from children to horror, my favorite of his roles is Pennywise, in "It" and I think that he is awesome. One of the best actors that I've seen and one of the greatest too. He is awesome!
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    Tim Curry is one of my favorite actors. I love how he acts and the roles he plays. My favorites are his roles in Home Alone II, and Clue, as well as his voice role on Jimmy Neutron as Dr. Calamitus. All of the movies I have seen him in have been fun family films. We need more actors like him.
  • A Talented actor in both movies and voice acting

    Tim Curry, is a talented actor in both movies and voice acting, from Home Alone 2 to Mighty Max and The Wild Thornberrys, Tim gives it his all, there is no mistaking his voice, because he is one of the few actors that when you hear his voice you know who it is, and he rarely has to change it to fit a character. My favorite cartoon character he portrayed is Professor Finbarr Calamitous from Jimmy Neutron, the clumsy professor who could never finish his sentences, and one of my favorite live-action movies he was in was Home Alone 2: Lost in New York where he played Mr. Hector, a Hotel Concierge, I cracked up at the part where Kevin’s mom slapped him and he almost cried. Tim is a brilliant actor and I enjoy every movie I've seen him in.
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    I've got to say that Tim Curry is very talented at what he does--from comedy to drama to action, he pulls off all of his roles with ease. My favorite movies of his is "The Hunt For Red October."
  • Tim curry has stared in numerous roles in a very long period. He graced the screen in Annie and voiced a character in Captain Planet and the Planeteers, he has stared in many more movies and voiced a huge variety of animation charcaters.

    I love Tim Curry but not for all the work he has done for voices of animation characters but for his role as rooster in Annie. It was so amazing and so good, he nailed the rooster crow and he just rocked full on. I was amazed to find out he voiced a character on Captain Plantet and the Planenteers, i watched that show a lot as a child, and then i found out he voiced a heap of the characters in my favourite animation shows. He is brillant and amazing and he is the coolest and best at voicing animation characters and he was brillant in Annie
  • One of the Best Villainous Voice Actors

    To me there are three major voice actors for villains: Mark Hamil, the late Tony Jay, and Tim Curry.

    Tim Curry is an amazing guy to do villains with his awesome accent and is even good in live-action.

    He was amazing as the Lord of Darkness in Legend. He was funny as Professor Oldman in Scary Movie 2 and who could ever forget him as Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was his film debut?

    He also voiced a huge number of villains in western animation, which is why I like him so much.

  • Tim Curry is my favorite actor.

    Tim Curry is one of the funniest people I've seen. In almost all appearances that I've seen or heard him, he was the bad guy. I guess that he just has a bad guy kind of persona. My favorite role that he plays was in the movie Clue, where he played the butler. He dragged everyone across the house for no reason. He's just crazy and that's what's great about him. In the roles I've seen him in, he's a bit eccentric. Not that much, but just a little bit. Anyway, he'll continue to be my favorite actor along with Adam West.
  • Tim Curry may only have done cartoon voices and rarely some moves but he should do more has his voice is superb!!

    Tim Curry is how you people might say as a underappreciated voice actor. I've only seen him doing main character voices in The Wild Thornberrys (as Nigel). Now, thats a disappointment as Tim is very talented. I also heard that he was in a movie. That's a start for him to be in hollywood.

    But, I would rather want him to do cartoon voices more regularly than movie voices because even if more people will know him, it would be better if he does somemore cartoons before going to Hollywood as he would have a reason for going there. Good luck Tom Kenny!
  • He has one of the best voices

    I loved Tim CUrry. I really thought he was great when he did the movie Legend. Thats were i first learned of him. I liked him so much i will watch anything and everything with him in it. He plays such good bad guys. You would swear he would be a real evil guy. Then he would play a good guy, and he does that so well too. He should have been a bigger star. He is not the worst looking but not the best looking either. BUt he has lots and lots of talent. His voice work is wonderful. You could always pick his voice out coause the way it sounds. Its a great voice.