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  • Love the actors, the characters they represent and the writers did an awsome job eith the flow of the plot. Some Pilots are too cluttered and clumbsy. Loved it.

    Tim DeKay as Agent Burke in White Collar show
    Mr. DeKay looks familiar. I like his clean all American adult male looks. I know the younger demographics will fall for the Neal character, but he resembles too many of my relatives up here in Chicagoland (Irish-american) Mr DeKay leads the ensemble cast through a very detailed plot without cluttering, nor appearing like he was rushing it. My favorite part is when he cringed and instructed the Harvard graduates to stop raising their hands. I could feel his pain. LOL His facial expressions are priceless. Hats off to you all and I hope you have a long run.
  • Tim DeKay is hot:)

    Extremely hot! Matt Bomer is utterly beautiful but just doesn't "do it" for me, whereas Tim DeKay is just ... rowr. He's got that whole masculine thing going on, broad shoulders and gravelly voice, combined with that sweet quirky smile. And I totally agree with the poster who said that he should wear more jeans & t-shirts in the show, very very much so! =D

    And he is nice with his fans :) http://www.99celebrities.com/me-and-tim-dekay-from-white-collar-2