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  • Good as Gold

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 49 - 11/23/96

    With the Gold Ranger powers fading, along with his life energy, Jason is caught between the opposing forces of Rita & Zedd and the Machine Empire, who both want to take control of his powers. To save Jason, Trey is summoned from Triforia to aid in safely reclaiming the Gold Ranger powers, a risky maneuver which involves planetary alignment, and may just unify his three halves together again. King Mondo will make this even tougher for the Zeo Rangers, as he and his Cogs face them in the biggest battle of them all! In the end, Rita & Zedd may just have the last laugh. Meanwhile, now official detectives, Bulk & Skull set about to prove themselves by undertaking an international spy mission, which doesn't sit too well with Det. Stone, whose detective agency is dangerously low on business.

  • Scent of a Weasel

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 36 - 10/23/96

    Famed French perfume master, Monsieur Stenchy, is holding a fashion show at the Youth Center. Skull is assigned to protect the top model, and accidentally makes things worse for her by dumping a bottle of the overwhelming fragrance on her. Inspired by this, the Louie Kaboom-controlled Machine Empire creates the Mr. Stenchy monster, a robotic skunk who aims to make the Zeo Rangers stink so bad that they won't be able to stand one another. Meanwhile, Billy tracks an unidentified object approaching Earth from outer space, accompanied by a distress signal from Trey warning them of their planet being in danger!

  • A Golden Homecoming (2)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 33 - 10/4/96

    Time's almost up for the Gold Ranger powers! With the Zeo Crystal and much of the Power Chamber's power devoted to stabilizing the Golden Power Staff, Tommy attempts to sneak the next candidate for becoming the Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber safely on foot, but the Machine Empire catches wind of this and attacks the defenseless pair of humans. King Mondo revives some old monsters, upgraded with impenetrable armor, though Trey has a few parting gifts for the Rangers to even the score. Meanwhile, Goldar & Rito regain their memories and powers, and set about enacting revenge on Bulk & Skull.

  • Revelations of Gold (1)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 32 - 10/3/96

    The Varox bounty hunters finally manage to take down Pyramidas, causing it to crashland on Aquitar. The Gold Ranger, rescued by two familiar Aliens, has his identity finally revealed to the Zeo Rangers. With his health declining, they have to aid his arrival on Earth to seek out a new host for his powers, while the Machine Empire tries to prevent his surviving the trip. Meanwhile, the still-amnesiac Goldar & Rito hire their masters, Bulk & Skull, to find their families.