Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan


Christiansed, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands

Birth Name

Timothy Theodore Duncan



Also Known As

The Big Fundamental
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    • Tim: It was a play that Flip drew up with a lot of options to it, ... I was just one of the options. Shaq was the first one, Ray was the second and I was kind of the third.

    • Tim: We did it last year and it was fun. We got up and down. I think we had less turnovers than any other time in the game.

    • Tim: Everything's not clicking yet, but we're heading that way. It was a great learning experience today being able to fight back and staying with each other.

    • Tim: The problem they have is convincing advertisers it's a viable medium. I think that's a big hurdle.

    • Tim: I haven't been around him in so long, not for anything other than our paths just haven't crossed. It was great to have some time ... and talk about old times.

    • Tim: I got a lot of (grief) for that, too. Trust me, I'm getting my share.

    • Tim: I've already gotten a bunch, so I'm hoping it will clear up a bit.

    • Tim: Paper doesn't mean anything to us. It's about going out there and playing together. It's about chemistry and people accepting roles. More talent doesn't always mean you're a better team.

    • Tim: It should be a blast. To have the entire team there, (the people) are psyched.

    • Tim: They approached us with the problem, and we fixed it. We don't see any of that as a breach of contract.

    • Tim: I am the leader of this team, ... So, it starts with me, and I understand that.

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  • Overrated, but still good.

    I don't think Tim Duncan is as good as so many people like to say he is. For one, I haven't seen a bigger whiner during games than Duncan. For someone who is quiet, he sure complains to the refs. He always gets ticky-tack fouls called in his favor, and the officals bail him out. I also think that he has no athletic ability and he is very slow. But I must say that he probably is a great player. He can defend well and can block shots. The thing is, he wouldn't be as successful without playing with the likes of David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobilli, Sean Elliot, and Avery Johnson. Thank you.moreless
  • Another great center in the NBA.

    He isn't a flopper like Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. He just takes it when he gets hit on a drive, or a dunk, or a hookshot. Introducing.. Tim Duncan! He is a great NBA center, again, like Ming Yao, one of the NBA's current best. He would probably be better but he is a little older than those other guys.

    He was drafted into the NBA in 1997, and signed with the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs, the previous season went a lowly 20-62. In Duncan's first season, he helped the Spurs improve by 36 games.. 56-26 was their final record. In fact, him and the Spurs won NBA Finals in 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007. He was the MVP in all of them except for 2007. Tony Parker won MVP there.

    But the point is, Tim Duncan is an awesome player. Sure, Ming Yao can be better sometimes, but he never brought his Houston Rockets to the NBA Finals and won. In fact, the Rockets' lone NBA championship win was in the 1990's, when T-Mac was with the Orlando Magic and Ming Yao was still in China! Tim Duncan, on the other hand, turned the Spurs around. The Spurs have won all four of their NBA titles with Tim Duncan, and head coach, Greg Popovich. All of these series wins in the NBA Finals have varied from 4-0 sweeps, to 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3 wins.moreless