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    • Tim: It was a play that Flip drew up with a lot of options to it, ... I was just one of the options. Shaq was the first one, Ray was the second and I was kind of the third.

    • Tim: We did it last year and it was fun. We got up and down. I think we had less turnovers than any other time in the game.

    • Tim: Everything's not clicking yet, but we're heading that way. It was a great learning experience today being able to fight back and staying with each other.

    • Tim: The problem they have is convincing advertisers it's a viable medium. I think that's a big hurdle.

    • Tim: I haven't been around him in so long, not for anything other than our paths just haven't crossed. It was great to have some time ... and talk about old times.

    • Tim: I got a lot of (grief) for that, too. Trust me, I'm getting my share.

    • Tim: I've already gotten a bunch, so I'm hoping it will clear up a bit.

    • Tim: Paper doesn't mean anything to us. It's about going out there and playing together. It's about chemistry and people accepting roles. More talent doesn't always mean you're a better team.

    • Tim: It should be a blast. To have the entire team there, (the people) are psyched.

    • Tim: They approached us with the problem, and we fixed it. We don't see any of that as a breach of contract.

    • Tim: I am the leader of this team, ... So, it starts with me, and I understand that.