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Tim Dunigan Trivia


  • Trivia

    • One really good thing came to Tim from the show Captain Power was that he got engaged to Terri Leigh MacLean. She worked on the production in Toronto and that's where they met.

    • Tim broke a finger while performing a stunt on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.

    • All the attention he received as Captain Power made Tim extremely uncomfortable. He was once recognized by some kids in a Detroit airport and was unsure what to do. He said in an interview, "They came running up, wanting autographs, and I said, 'Who, me?' I didn't know what the hell to do. All of this is so new to me. But I guess I'll get used to it."

    • Tim got out of acting for awhile, running several businesses instead. He owned a restaurant, and had a mortgage company, and quite enjoyed the challenge of business. But he still worked in his home community teaching kids about acting, and took the occasional role himself on stage or on television.

    • Tim had just given the reading of his life while auditioning for the part of Captain Power and was convinced that he had gotten the role. But he got a call a couple of hours later saying that the videotape had screwed up and he had to read again. His first reaction was "Did I kill a nun in my last life or what?"

  • Quotes

    • Tim: (on "The A-Team") I was the original Face. But after I did the pilot, the producer decided that I was too young for the part and they replaced me with Dirk Benedict. Not getting that part hit me very hard. The A-Team was the first job, acting or otherwise, that I had ever been fired from. It screwed me up for a long time.

    • Tim: (on playing Captain Power) Well they were the most interesting and hard filming days I've ever experienced. They were such long days and the difference between being on a series and being the person the series is named after, well that's something else. It's not the scenes you are in, it's the lack of days off.

    • Tim: (on playing Captain Power) In the first few episodes, I could barely stand to watch myself. It was driving me out of my mind because the character was too much of a goody-two-shoes and, because of that, I found myself floundering and grabbing onto anything I could to get a real handle on the character. But as the show has progressed, I've gotten more comfortable with Power. The dialogue is occasionally a little silly, but I don't see him now as just a superhero with laser weapons.

    • Tim: (on overzealous fans) I had an incident right after Davy Crockett where I had someone come into my house and it got really, like . . . at the time, I was married, and I came home and found this person holding my step-son's hand out in the front yard. That just flipped me out. I'm kind of a private person anyway, believe it or not. I'm a very outgoing person, incidentally, but my privacy and my private life is very important to me. Acting was my job, and if you want to talk about the shows sometimes -- that's my job. That's part of my job. But my personal life, my family and all of that stuff, if I choose to talk about it -- great. But when I have people starting to . . . you know, I was getting some weird stuff in the mail. That's why I kind of dropped out of sight.

    • Tim: (in response to some parents' fears that the show "Captain Power" is too violent for kids) This show isn't harming anybody. It's fantasy and if parents make it clear that's all it is, there shouldn't be any problem. There's a whole generation of kids who grew up with The Three Stooges and that hasn't turned them into crazy people.

    • Tim: I had some initial fears that playing Captain Power might ultimately be the end of the line. And, even at this point, I'm a little bit afraid of being offered nothing but Captain Power-type roles. But I figure if I'm careful about the next thing I do, the typecasting won't get a chance to stick. I think the next thing I would like to do is play some wacked-out psychopathic killer. You couldn't get further away from a Captain Power than that!

    • Tim: (on the Suit he had to wear as "Captain Power") Although the costumes aren't heavy, being made of bakelite, they were so hot. We had on cotton body suits, then over that we wore the power suit with apandex which makes it realy warm and them we strap on the armour. You know people eat and drink in the show but do you ever see them go to the bathroom? No never.

    • Tim: You know in The Fall Guy I actually wrestled an alligator. Me, I actually volunteered for it. My nephew thinks I'm a hero or something.