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    • Tim: (on overzealous fans) I had an incident right after Davy Crockett where I had someone come into my house and it got really, like . . . at the time, I was married, and I came home and found this person holding my step-son's hand out in the front yard. That just flipped me out. I'm kind of a private person anyway, believe it or not. I'm a very outgoing person, incidentally, but my privacy and my private life is very important to me. Acting was my job, and if you want to talk about the shows sometimes -- that's my job. That's part of my job. But my personal life, my family and all of that stuff, if I choose to talk about it -- great. But when I have people starting to . . . you know, I was getting some weird stuff in the mail. That's why I kind of dropped out of sight.