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    • In February 2008, Tim appeared at Sunday For Sammy in aid of actor Sammy Johnson, with Kevin Whately, Billy Mitchell, Christopher Fairbank, Timothy Spall and Denise Welch.

    • In the late 1980s Tim, along with fellow Auf Wiedersehen, Pet co-star Jimmy Nail starred in Educating Oz as Dennis. This 25 minute show saw Dennis (Healy) trying to convince Oz (Nail) that AIDS are very dangerous. This has never been repeated.

    • Tim is a founder member of the LTC, AKA The Live Theatre Company, other members include Kevin Whately, Madeline Newton an Denise Welch.

    • In 1982 Tim appeared in the telefilm The World Cup: A Captain's Tale which was based on a true story where in 1909 a group of northern men set up a football team and beat Italian team Juventus and win the 'world cup'. In Tim's own words he played "A hardcase who plays at full back."

    • Tim is married to Denise Welch and has two children, Matthew born 1990 and Louis born 2001.

    • Before becoming an actor, Tim was a paratrooper in the army.

    • Tim was a founder member of the Sammy Johnson Memorial Fund, along with Jimmy Nail.

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