Tim Kang

Tim Kang


3/16/1973, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Yila Timothy Kang



Also Known As

Yila Timothy Kang
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    • Tim: (on what he would like happen with his character in The Mentalist) I'd like to see more of his background. I mean, a love interest would be great, but I'd like an explanation about where his straight-edge, by-the-books demeanor comes from, whether by delving into his military background or family history. Nothing takes him by surprise, so if maybe Cho's dad showed up at the office, or an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend or something, it would be interesting to see how he would deal with those surprises.

    • Tim: (after being asked if he believes people have the skill that is in evidence in The Mentalist) I believe there are people out there who have powers of observation that are greater than my own. To the extent that Patrick Jane does it, Simon [Baker] has told me some stuff about his research, and it sounds amazing. I think Cho absolutely believes in this power or talent. I think that he likes to look at it as a talent for picking these things out when everyone else misses them. There's no resentment or animosity because Jane gets the job done.

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  • great actor

    the best. He deserves to have his own show. I would love to see Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman together again.
  • He is just Dead On!

    I absolutely love his playing of this character. Especially his conversations with Rigsby. Immediate blunt lines so straight they make me smile. His belief that what Jane does is a "skill" is perfect.