Tim Kash

Tim Kash

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Tim Reginald


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Tim went to St.Georges School in Windsor.


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    • Tim Kash: An ambition I want to realise before I retire? My ambition is never to retire. I love to work and I live to work.

    • Tim Kash: (On newspapers) We didn't get a newspaper in the morning. Breakfast was more of a pit-stop, with the TV on in the background. But I quickly learnt that one of the few good things about public transport is that people leave behind every type of newspaper, and there's no charge to read them.

    • Tim Kash: (On what inspired you to embark on a career in the media) I never actually made the conscious decision to work in the media game... it feels more like I fell into it. I had a passion for music and a fascination with the industry behind it from a young age. I had my own label, with two bands signed by the time I was 17. It was through this exposure that I was able to realise how much could be achieved and accomplished through a career in the media.

    • Andi Peters: Tim's confident and charismatic presenting style made him an obvious choice to present ALL NEW Top of the Pops. He's very talented, and does an outstanding job on MTV so Tim really will be a great new face for the show as it launches live with its all new look.

    • Tim Kash: (On being the new presenter of show, ALL NEW Top of the Pops) I'm very excited at the prospect of presenting ALL NEW Top of the Pops.