Tim Kelleher

Tim Kelleher


Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

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actor, media editor for the magazine First Things


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  • Kelleher is one funny guy.

    This guy is so good. I love it when he shows up on screen. I just saw Tim Kelleher in Flash of Genius. He was one of the only funny bits in the movie. He's plays a great a$$hole-- the perfect hilarious weasel.Oh and he was in "In Plain Sight" a few weeks ago. What a riot. Love him. I wish one of those jackasses in Hollywood would cast him as a lead in a TV show. Whenever his kisser comes on my screen, I always keep watching. He used to be a regular in Dark Skies and he was the main reason I ever got into that show. Him and JT Walsh.moreless
  • Timothy Kelleher is a terrific character actor. Remember his notable performance as Jim Steele, the evil extraterrestrial from Dark Skies!!!

    I'm definitively Tim Kelleher's greatest fan :-). The first time I was given the opportunity to see his amazing, original style of acting was in the TV show Dark Skies. His portrayal of Jim Steele gave him the possibility to show a large amount of facets of his amazing talent. Then he performed dozens of short roles in various and sundry TV productions and movies, from comedies or thrillers to historical productions. It's always the same great pleasure to "catch" him in his different roles, meanwhile it is extremely frustrating not to see him leaving the "second string" at last to be offered more relevant roles. That would fit better his outstanding talent!moreless