Tim Kring

Tim Kring


7/9/1957, El Dorado County, California

Birth Name

Timothy Richard Kring



Also Known As

R. Timothy Kring
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Richard Timothy "Tim" Kring was born July 9, 1957 in El Dorado County, California. He is a screenwriter and television producer. He has created three TV shows that have seen varying degrees of success: Strange World, Crossing Jordan, and Heroes. In 1983 he graduated from the USC School…more


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    • Tim: Storytelling is storytelling. It's facing a blank page and having to have every move of the story be something that feels like it has integrity and truth to it.

    • Tim: Shows like Lost (2004), 24 (2001), and even non-genre shows like Grey's Anatomy (2005) and Desperate Housewives (2004) have all helped to make serialization popular again in television.

    • Tim: Powers are just powers, it's what you do with them that defines your circumstances.

    • Tim: Obviously, you want to ride something as long as it's creatively and artistically challenging and working for you. As soon as it becomes an albatross, then it's terrible.

    • Tim: I think people really are feeling like the show has the ability to speak to people in very varied markets. I just feel like it was something that was very intentional. I set out to do something that I wanted to have a hopeful, healing kind of message for the world.

    • Tim: An eclipse is a powerful image that has captivated us as a species since the dawn of man. There is power and mystery and awe in it.

    • Tim: I think on some shows there are certain secrets now that have become so precious that if you reveal them, they wouldn't be very satisfying because you've built up such an expectation.

    • Tim: (on the pilot of "Heroes" leaking on the Internet) The truth is, in the end, it helped us create tremendous buzz for the show before it aired. Ultimately, it helped us get viewers.

    • Tim: Heroes is the kind of thing that can keep spinning and spinning. There is not an island to get off of or a time frame where the world ends.

    • Tim: It's very exciting to challenge myself in a new way after being confined by a "closed-ended" type of storytelling. Having had a long career though, I've gotten used to trying to reinvent myself over and over again. The strange thing is that I find myself coming full circle sometimes.

    • Tim: (on "Heroes") I was thinking about how crazy the world is right now, and how everybody has a collective feeling that something's got to give. And that steered me toward the idea of superheroes. But I was interested in their actual lives- how, if you actually woke up and could fly or something, you wouldn't suddenly don a spandex suit and go around fighting crime.

    • Tim: (on "Heroes") That [cult] audience is very powerful, but they alone cannot make you a real hit. We were very mindful of that, and we always aimed to be much broader than a cult show.

  • Evolution at its Finest

    The last solar eclipse did actually give super human abilities, ironically to all the creators of Heroes. The newly adopted balance of artistic expression and business prowess that blends this saga into a virtuoso of film innovation is one that will sustain a competitive advantage for some time. Kring masterfully orchestrates his story into one that not only captures the human soul at a seemingly atomic level, but finally speaks to the true intelligence and wonder of the modern global citizen. While the series seemingly died in the second/third volume, the band of Heroes came back just in time with NBC to save the cheerleader and the world of countless fans and viewers, in the fourth and on (I'm sure the bastards had it planned the whole time). Every way you look at it this creation is truly forward thinking, which is why 1) even an intern working in this organization probably will get some powers from the influenced generated and 2) why I need to move to LA.moreless
  • Creator of Heroes.

    Fantastic television ideas have sprung from this man's head such as Crossing Jordan and Heroes. Heroes was a huge success in its first season, i mean a massive success, and yet now when shows normally are fantastic, Heroes has fallen. As a writer and creator of a show it is so important to know your viewers, and in the first season, i think that he did, but when season two of Heroes came around, i really dont think that he does. Season Two wasn't all that great, and Season Three, although better isn't as good as one. They almost threw away what was great about season one. But he is still amazing.moreless