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  • Evolution at its Finest

    The last solar eclipse did actually give super human abilities, ironically to all the creators of Heroes. The newly adopted balance of artistic expression and business prowess that blends this saga into a virtuoso of film innovation is one that will sustain a competitive advantage for some time. Kring masterfully orchestrates his story into one that not only captures the human soul at a seemingly atomic level, but finally speaks to the true intelligence and wonder of the modern global citizen. While the series seemingly died in the second/third volume, the band of Heroes came back just in time with NBC to save the cheerleader and the world of countless fans and viewers, in the fourth and on (I'm sure the bastards had it planned the whole time). Every way you look at it this creation is truly forward thinking, which is why 1) even an intern working in this organization probably will get some powers from the influenced generated and 2) why I need to move to LA.
  • Creator of Heroes.

    Fantastic television ideas have sprung from this man's head such as Crossing Jordan and Heroes. Heroes was a huge success in its first season, i mean a massive success, and yet now when shows normally are fantastic, Heroes has fallen. As a writer and creator of a show it is so important to know your viewers, and in the first season, i think that he did, but when season two of Heroes came around, i really dont think that he does. Season Two wasn't all that great, and Season Three, although better isn't as good as one. They almost threw away what was great about season one. But he is still amazing.