Tim Matheson





12/31/1947 , Glendale, California, USA

Birth Name

Timothy Lewis Matthieson




Still best remembered as Eric "Otter" Stratton in the 1979 comedy movie "Animal House", Tim has come a long way since his first acting role on "Window on Main Street" at the tender age of 12. While still at school, he appeared in many well known TV Series such as "My Three Sons" & "Leave it to Beaver" & went on to star as the voice of "Jonny Quest" in the cartoon series "The Adventures of Jonny Quest".

On leaving school he attended Northridge University, studying psychology,whilst still receiving plenty of offers of work from TV studios. Tim soon realized that acting was the only career he wanted & he left University to study at the Actors & Directors Lab in L.A. for two years.

Tim's first Movie was in 1967, "Divorce American Style" starring Dick van Dyke & Debbie Reynolds & a year later he appeared in the Movie "Yours Mine and Ours" starring Lucille Ball & Henry Fonda.

Regular TV roles in the western series Bonanza & The Virginian soon followed & in 1976 he starred in "The Quest" with Kurt Russell. Tim also made several Guest appearances on hit TV Shows such as "Hawaii Five-0", "The Magician" & "Ironside".

Tim was also to be seen on stage in San Francisco & New York in such shows as "True West" & "Bus Stop".

By the Mid 80's, Tim was king of the TV Movies, making several movies each year, from Comedies to Thrillers to Science Fiction to Romance, Tim is as popular today as he was in the 1960's.